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Funding of short group travel abroad

You can apply for grants for short group trips abroad in connection with project writing. Read here how to apply and what requirements you must comply with.

If for instance data collection abroad is needed in connection with your project writing the project group can apply for funding for short trips abroad.

Application requirements

  • Only groups of minimum of two group members and with a destination outside of Denmark are considered
  • Groups writing their master thesis will not be considered
  • Group travels in connection with project writing are of the highest priority
  • Groups are prioritized according to years of study (senior students are of highest priority)
  • Equal distribution between faculties should be ensured
  • In case of similarity among eligible applicants selection by random will be applied
  • A short report of the stay is required upon return
  • A NEM-KONTO in a Danish bank is required for the funding to be disbursed

Application form and deadlines

The funds are disbursed twice annually. The deadlines are:

  • 1 March for the Spring semester - for travels between 1 March to 1 October
  • 1 October for the Autumn semester - for travels between 1 October to 1 March

The short trip must take place between either 1 March to 1 October or 1 October to 1 April.

Apply for funding for short group travel

Please apply by applying to International Office:

For further information, please contact the International Office.