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Graduating soon

As a soon-to-be graduate, there are several practical things you need to keep track of. There are also several places where you can get help with job hunting, salary negotiation and much more. We guide you through it all here.

The 3 most important things, you should know, if you are staying in Denmark after graduation:


Get help with salary negotiation and contract before you sign your contract. You can, e.g., talk to your trade union - they are specialists in the field.


Register as unemployed at jobnet.dk no later than the 1st day of unemployment if you are a recent graduate and do not have a job. It is one of the requirements if you are eligible to receive unemployment benefit.

Should I quit my student job?

If you have a student job which is professionally relevant, it might make sense to keep your it, get a release certificate and apply for supplementary unemployment benefit.
If you want to resign, you should do so in good time, e.g. in April if you graduate in June.
Ask your unemployment fund about the specific rules. They can help you find out what might be the right solution for you.

Prepaid and postpaid

If you are eligible for unemployment benefit and have received SU, be aware that you will experience a "gap" between the payments when you complete your education, because SU is paid "in advance", while salary and unemployment benefits are paid "backwards".