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AAU Stu­dent Pro­jects


AAU Stu­dent Pro­jects

Aalborg University's AAU Student Projects contains digital versions of projects produced by students from all over AAU. Here you can find inspiration to your next project. 

In AAU Student Projects you can search various semester and bachelor projects, as well as master's thesis. You can download them in full. However, projects marked as confidential are not publicly available.

All graduation projects from Aalborg University from 2008 and forward are registered in the project library. More than 16.000 student projects are publicly available, while students and staff have access to more than 70.000 student projects. 

Graduation projects from before 2008 can be found in printed form at the university library.

How to get access 

To see the projects in AAU Student Projects, you must do the following: 

  1. Head over to projekter.aau.dk
  2. Click on "Sign in" if you like access to semester projects
  3. Enter your AAU-Username and your password.


If you have any questions about AAU Student Projects, you are welcome to contact the support: vbn@aub.aau.dk