Consequences of cheating

what are The consequences of exam cheating?

Suspicion of exam cheating will lead to a concrete evaluation, where any mitigating or aggravating circumstances will be taken under consideration.

According to the rules regarding disciplinary measures there are three different sanctions, which can be employed depending on the grossness of the violation:

  • A warning from repeated violation of the rules
  • Expulsion from an examination
  • Expulsion from the university

If you have been issued a warning, and you later violate the rules again, there will be aggravating circumstances, and you will therefore risk a more severe sanction, than if you previously had not been involved in a case regarding cheating at an examination. 

You can be expelled from an examination before, during and after the examination, if cheating at an examination has been established. Expulsion from an examination means, that you use an examination attempt, and that your assignment will not be graded. If you already received a grade for your assignment, the grade will be cancelled.

If you have done something categorised as gross cheating at an examination, you risk expulsion from the university. The expulsion can be limited to a certain period of time, or it can be permanent. If you get expelled from the university, you will not be able to participate in any activities at the university, in the expulsion period. Consequently, you will not be able to participate in classes or examinations.

So ask yourself
before you consider cheating at an examination;
”is it really worth it?”