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Closed for enrolment

Surveying Planning, MSc in Tech AAL

Closed for enrolment

Surveying Planning, MSc in Tech AAL

Last intake in 2023

This study programme had the last student intake in 2023.

Do you want to create the cities of the future? Do you want to work with GPS, 3D models and high technology? If you want to develop 'green solutions' within nature restoration and climate adaption, then the Master's programme in Surveying and Planning might be of your interest.

This Master of Science in Technology programme is for students with another relevant bachelor degree than the Bachelor of Science (BSc) in Surveying, Planning and Land Management.

It is a Master’s degree programme on the same academic level as the Master of Science (cand.geom.) programme, but based on a more varied academic student profile.

The Master of Science (MSc) in Technology is the most commonly sought after study programme, for international students with in surveying and planning.

Engineer, architecht and jurist in one person

With a master's degree in Surveying and Planning, you have plenty of career opportunities. You can work with planning, surveying, mapping and geoinformatics.

You gain knowledge in areas such as sustainability and law, and you get to work with administration of natural ressources, physical planning of cities, open land as well as the sea, property rights, geographical information technology, methods for surveying and mapping and geographical data infrastructures.

Study in Aalborg or Copenhagen

The programme is taught at our campus in Aalborg as well as in Copenhagen. Read more about campus Aalborg or campus Copenhagen.

Academic content

The master's programme in Surveying and Planning is very interdisciplinary and demands mathematical and technical skills as well as knowledge regarding the societal context, so applicants should hold a bachelor degree within geography or engineering or similar.

The programme is based on a combination of academic, problem-oriented and interdisciplinary approaches. Lectures, workshops, study groups, portfolio work and exercises are just some of the elements you will meet.

You will gain knowledge about how the use of theories and methods within surveying, geoinformatics and land management can support the efforts needed to reach the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

You learn how to work in an interdisciplinary way within the profession and to asses and analyse problems related to surveying, geoinformatics or land management. You will be able to point out solutions and to communicate about the issues to both professionals and non-professionals.

Problem based learning is the pedagogical model of Aalborg University. The method has become both nationally and internationally recognised by universities, researchers and students. In practice, this means that you will work closely together with your fellow students on solving real life problems in your semester projects.

The Master’s programme is structured in the following way:



At the 3rd semester of the M.Sc. programme in Land Management at Aalborg University there are good possibilities of internship – in Denmark or abroad. You can work in an enterprise, a public institution or a NGO.

An Internship provide you with an opportunity to apply the theoretical insight and the methodological knowledge obtained during the 1st and 2nd semesters to a real life situation in a Danish or international setting.

Study abroad

You can also choose to go on an exchange stay at a university abroad.

Example of study stays abroad:

  • Australia
  • Canada
  • England

Admission and requirements

Job and career

With this master's programme, you have many exciting career opportunities in Denmark as well as abroad. The unemployment rate is very low, so your chances for a job immediately after graduation are great.

Your career options are characterised by a high degree of variety - working inside the office in a creative environment or outside. You can work with social issues or high technology - or both. The choice is yours!

Some graduates find employment in the public sector and utility companies where they work with city planning or administration of areas and natural ressources. It might involve transformation of industrial and port areas into new city areas, establishing national parks or restoration of nature.

Others fin emplyment in pricvate companies working with technical and issues and consultancy.

The programme provides you with insight into planning, mapping, information technology and administration and will enable you to work with problems involving many different proffesions.

Get help at AAU to start your career in Denmark

AAU Career helps you on your way from student life to job life in Denmark by giving you the tools to examine your options and find out what to do.

While studying at AAU, you can participate in career and job-related events, find help on our website, and book a personal career counselling session to talk about e.g.:

  • Finding your way in your career
  • Danish working culture
  • Application and CV the Danish way
  • What you can offer an employer
  • How to go about job search in Denmark – both student job, internship and full-time job

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We are here to help
Are you curious about this programme? Please contact our student guidance counsellors. We are here to help.
Student counsellor, Aalborg
August Sawman Nygaard
Aalborg University
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Student counsellor, Copenhagen
Alexander Adiyasa
Aalborg University Copenhagen
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