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Want to know more about studying abroad?

Aalborg University (AAU) has entered into cooperation agreements with partner universities all over the world. Most agreements are concluded within the EU/EEA under the Erasmus+ program, but AAU also has agreements with universities outside the EU/EEA. AAU can offer scholarships to the vast majority of all AAU exchange students. You automatically apply for a scholarship when you apply for an exchange stay at an AAU partner university.


Have you already applied for a stay abroad?

Here you can access your application and upload the required documents before, during, and after your stay.

For stays in the spring 2024 or earlier semesters: AAU application portal

For stays in the fall 2024 or spring 2025, please log in to Mobilty Online

3 steps when applying for study periods abroad

3 steps when applying for study periods abroad

  1. 1

    How to get the most out of your stay abroad

    Orient yourself in your curriculum. When can you travel and which subjects should you choose? Talk to your academic supervisor during your studies.

  2. 2

    Where can you go?

    Find out where you have the opportunity to go and whether the offer of courses meets the academic requirements of your studies.

  3. 3

    Put action behind - apply the exchange

    Apply for the desired study stay. Contact the International Office for advice and guidance. Be sure to meet deadlines.

Talk to a supervisor from International Office

As an AAU student, you can receive guidance on staying abroad during your studies.

You may be in doubt about what makes sense regarding your studies when you can travel, and how to go about it?  Maybe you are also in doubt about whether it is something for you? 

Book a time for guidance by calling or sending an email to outgoing-student@adm.aau.dk. Please state what you would like guidance on and if possible if you wish to stay outside or inside of EU/EEA.  

Contact International Office

If you want to talk to a supervisor from International Office, you need to book an appointment in advance by calling or sending an email to the right employee. Please indicate whether you prefer the guidance to be held physically, by phone, or via teams.

Find the emails and phone numbers here