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Become buddy

We will do everything we can to help our new international students have a good stay at AAU and in Denmark. As a buddy, you can help give your new international fellow students a good stay.

Become a buddy

The Buddy Network

If you are interested in becoming a buddy for some new international students, please sign up via the form below.

The Buddy coordinators will contact you via email 1 - 2 weeks before the study start to let you know, who you are going to be a buddy for. As there are ongoing admissions, it might be possible to become a buddy during a semester or you might be assigned an extra student after the first award.

Expectations of you as a buddy

As a buddy, you are helping to make a decisive difference for a new international student, to settle in well in Denmark and at AAU.

It is therefore important, that you have the desire and time for the task, especially around and in the first months after the start of the studies.

If you know that you are going to travel at the time around the study start, it may not be until next semester that you should sign up as a buddy.

Remember to orient yourself to the expectations as a buddy before you sign up.

AAU Buddy Coordinators Emilia and Anna
AAU Buddy Coordinators Emilia and Anna

Contakt the Buddy coordinators

For further information about the Buddy Programme:

E-mail: buddy@adm.aau.dk (Aalborg)

Copenhagen and Esbjerg

Currently, the programme is not active in Esbjerg or Copenhagen. If you are interested in helping your international fellow students in Copenhagen or Esbjerg, please contact:

Copenhagen: CPH Tutor tutor@cph.aau.dk

Esbjerg: Heidi Valdkilde Abrahamsen, hvj@staff.aau.dk 

Find us on sociale medier

Facebook: BuddyAAU.

Instagram: buddynetwork_aau