Offensive and abusive behavior


Have you experienced or been a victim of offensive or abuse behaviour at Aalborg University?

Aalborg University takes a zero tolerance approach to offensive and abusive behaviour. If you become a victim of or witness offensive or abusive behaviour between students and/or staff, please contact AAU’s Central Student Guidance. The Central Student Guidance is equipped to handle enquiries and cases involving offensive and abusive behaviour, and they’re able to help you deal with your experience.

The Student Guidance takes enquiries relating to offensive and abusive behaviour very seriously, and the service provided is confidential.

AAU Student Guidance

Telephone: (+45) 99 40 94 40 (Monday-Friday between 12:00 to 15:00)

If you feel safe talking to a staff member at your department, you’re welcome to do so instead. This might be your supervisor, your lecturer or one of the other staff members affiliated with your degree programme or department.


Other options for contact

If you need to discuss and process your experience, you’re welcome to contact the University chaplains, the Student Counselling Service, Headspace or Den Sociale Skadestue [the Social Emergency Centre].

Positive study and working environments require a culture defined by respectful behaviour and communication. In accordance with Danish legislation and Aalborg University policies, all students and staff are expected not to engage in any form of bullying, harassment, differential treatment, discrimination, threatened or actual violence.

Den Sociale Skadestue [the Social Emergency Centre]

Telephone: (+45) 98 12 32 92


The University chaplains

Telephone: (+45) 99 40 90 96 



Aalborg, Telephone: (+45) 53 73 30 06 Text message: (+45) 53 73 30 36 Email:

Esbjerg, Telephone: (+45) 30 45 25 81 text message: (+45) 30 45 25 81 Email

Copenhagen, Telephone: (+45) 53 73 30 01 Text message: (+45) 53 73 30 31 Email:

The Student Counselling Service

Telephone: (+45) 70 26 75 00 (Monday-Thursday between 9:00 to 12:00 and 12:30 to 15 and Friday between 9:00 to 12:00).

Aalborg, Email: 

Esbjerg, Email: 

Copenhagen, Email: