Wireless Communication Systems, MSc in Engineering

My Experience as a Seed for the Future

My Experience as a Seed for the Future

"The field of engineering has always sparked my interest as I am a math-oriented person. I chose telecommunications as I knew people will always need to communicate with each other. Now everything about telecommunications has reached a whole new level: we need to communicate faster, easier, using images, videos and so on, and I'm sure it will not stop here. For me, learning about how all this is made possible and bringing a contribution to this domain represents the career I want to follow.

The Huawei programme “Seeds for the Future” represented a great opportunity for me to develop my knowledge in telecommunications. Together with nine other students from AAU and DTU, I spent an amazing time in China, where we had both technical and Chinese language and culture courses. First week, spent in Beijing, was mostly about the Chinese culture where we had courses of Chinese language in the morning while in the afternoon we visited some of the most important places in Beijing. The guide made sure she presented not only the tourist attractions, but also introduced us to daily life by taking us to visit a Chinese family.

After the first week in Beijing, we went to Shenzhen were we visited the Huawei Headquarters. That left a very big impression on me: the Huawei campus in Shenzhen is what one calls a city inside a city". That reects the proportions that the company has reached: a leading global ICT solutions provider. Another important thing that should be mentioned is that inside the campus there is also a Huawei University, proof that the Chinese tech giant also takes care of future talents and supports education and development of the young engineers and all their employees.

I hope my slight description will be an impulse for the other students to apply for the programme and see by themselves the insights of the telecommunication industry. This programme will for sure give them a new perspective and inspire them in their future careers - that is what it did for me!"

Adriana Mihaela Oprian, student of wireless communication systems

About Seeds for the Future

Ten Danish talents from Aalborg University and DTU were chosen to take part in HUAWEI’s educational programme; Seeds for the Future. In July of 2015, the ten students will travelled for two weeks to Beijing and Shenzhen in China. Here, they learned about Chinese language and culture as well as Chinese corporate culture, and they received training in state-of-the-art trends within telecommunications at HUAWEI’s training centre.

Prior to the trip, the students were equipped with the new HUAWEI P8 with a very good camera and features such as Directors Cut and light painting. This way, the students were able to take great pictures and videos during the trip which you can see on Instagram and YouTube; #seedsforthefuturedk.

“Seeds for the Future” is a five-year cooperation agreement commenced in 2014 between Aalborg University, DTU and HUAWEI, sending ten students on an educational expedition to China each of the five years. The purpose is for Danish students to receive additional training within telecommunications, ensuring excellent graduates for the future.