Structural and civil engineering

Meet at student

Meet at student

Shravan Kantharaja from India is studying Structural and Civil Engineering.

“We find ways to make our project contribute to the industry”

“I’m studying at Aalborg University Esbjerg. The thing I love the most about this university is working in a group for the project work. Before starting my Master’s degree, I had never worked in a group before. The change of working in a group was huge. It was hard in the beginning, but once I got adjusted, it felt better than working individually. I was able to understand the way each person in the group saw a given situation which helped me to see the same situation in a much broader perspective.

I also like the way the lecturers respond to my questions. They are always ready to help. Whenever I have a doubt or a question, all I have to do is email the lecturer about it. They respond to the email within a day or two, and if I’m still not able to understand, they come to the group room to solve it.

The semester projects are always related to the courses we are following. Currently, my group is dealing with a project related to offshore wind turbines for which we are analysing the wind and wave data. I find this project really interesting as I’m able to understand how the things I have learnt in the course are applied in practice.

For this project we have two meetings per week with people from the company RAMBOLL. This is very useful as it gives us an idea as to what is being done in the industry at present, and we can also find ways to make our project contribute to the industry.”

Shravan Kantharaja from India, studying Structural and Civil Engineering.

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