Specialisations within Medialogy

Medialogy offers you three different specialisations; Computer Graphics, Games and Interaction. You can also choose to study Medialogy without a specialisation. You are specialised via the subjects you choose for your semester projects and the courses you choose.

All three specialisations offer you the opportunity to take part in DADIU’s (the Danish Academy for Digital, Interactive Entertainment) game development course under DADIU’s game programmer profile. DADIU is a cooperation between universities and art schools and has as its purpose to educate the best game programmers in cooperation with the largest companies in the games industry.

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What is a specialisation?

A specialisation is a specially designed course on your master's programme where you will acquire competences within a particular academically defined field which is of special interest to you.

In the course of your studies, you must decide which field you want to specialise in. Depending on your study programme, you have a number of fields to choose from.

You apply for a specialisation course by applying for the master's programme which includes this specialisation.